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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a condition characterized by gradual loss of kidney function over time, resulting in a build-up of unfiltered wastes in the bloodstream. Left untreated, CKD can result in the development of complications like high blood pressure, anemia, weak bones, and cardiovascular disease.

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Dialysis Services

Dialysis is a process for removing waste from the blood in patients with either acute or chronic loss of kidney function (Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease). There are several different types of dialysis including in-center hemodialysis, home hemodialysis, and home peritoneal dialysis.

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Vascular Access Services

Dialysis access is an entranceway into your bloodstream that lies completely beneath your skin and is easy to use.The access is usually in your arm, but sometimes in the leg, and allows blood to be removed and returned quickly, efficiently, and safely during dialysis or, less commonly, for other procedures requiring access to your circulation. Creating the access portal is a minor surgical procedure.

There are two types of portals placed completely under your skin: fistula, which your vascular surgeon constructs by joining an artery to a vein, or a graft, which is a man-made tube, consisting of plastic or other material, that your vascular surgeon inserts under the skin to connect an artery to a vein.

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Anemia Management

Anemia is a condition of having too few red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to supply all of the body's needs and give you the energy you need for your daily activities. Anemia has several causes, but the most common cause in people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a low supply of erythropoietin (EPO). EPO is a hormone made by healthy kidneys to signal red blood cell production. When you have CKD, low EPO can result in anemia.

If you have anemia caused by low EPO, you may be prescribed an EPO stimulating medicine called ESA. This is an injectable form of the EPO normally made by healthy kidneys. ESA therapy should help you feel better by relieving the fatigue and lack of energy that are the symptoms of anemia.

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Inpatient Services for Acute Kidney Failure

Acute (sudden) kidney failure is an abrupt loss of the ability of the kidneys to remove waste and concentrate urine without losing electrolytes. You'll find the NAPC Birmingham locations capable of assisting you below.

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Nutrition Services

Kidney conditions can require development of a healthier diet plan and NAPC is prepared to help. The following links include recipes, tools and resources to help maintain your kidney health.

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National Kidney Foundation

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